Finally, we are allowed to gather in restaurants again! Having to cook all the time at home is becoming a burden. I give my kudos to stay-at-home parents who are constantly planning the next meal for the family during the year! Even though it’s just been me and my fianc├ę at home these past months,Continue reading “Restaurant­čĹĆReview­čĹĆII”


Today on Caitlin’s Corner we visit a local Korean shabu shabu restaurant. What is shabu shabu? It’s hot pot! Shabu shabu is the Japanese term for thinly sliced meat and vegetables served in a boiling pot of broth at your table (and the word is an onomatopoeia, ‘shabu-shabu~’ like the bubbling pot!). Today’s restaurant isContinue reading “Restaurant­čĹĆReview­čĹĆ”