Being involved in an experiment is one of the best ways to learn about what larger psychological concepts can be distilled down into and how they are studied in every day life. Often, we may have an idea about what a concept means or even how it was derived, but once we participate in the actual experiments, our whole idea changes! This is a fun and enlightening experience!

We are always looking for participants to help us out with our experiments. Whether you need to complete credits for your course (e.g., PSY100), are looking for a paid opportunity, or are just curious about what types of studies we conduct, you are always welcome to sign up.

Behavioural Experiments

Behavioural experiments are mainly conducted for course credit in CCT 4166. Students enrolled in courses such as PSY100 will have requirements to fulfill credits for participation in experiments in the department. Sign-up for these experiments are done through PsychED under the ‘UTM Psychology Students’ section.

Behavioural experiments range from 1-2+ hours and new timeslots are posted by our lab approximately every Thursday and Friday for the following week. Please see the individual study descriptions on PsychEd for more specific details. If you are not looking for course credit but are still interested in our behavioural studies, you can contact our lab manager who will put you in touch with the researcher associated with the project that you are interested in.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Experiments

The other type of experiment that we offer in the Fukuda Lab are electroencephalogram (EEG) experiments. These experiments are also offered through PsychED under the ‘Paid Participants’ section. Experiments here are typically 3-4 hours long and are paid at a rate of $12/hour.

In these studies, your brainwaves will be measured using an EEG cap while you perform simple tasks on the computer such as viewing and remembering real world pictures. The EEG cap is an elastic cap with electrodes that goes on your head. The electrodes will be filled with an electrolyte gel (non-invasive) which may make your hair messy after the experiment.

While we do have a sink, towels, shampoo, and hairdryer at the lab for you to use, some individuals feel more comfortable washing their hair at home or elsewhere. If you would like, you can bring a cap or hat to cover your hair after the experiment.

**Please note that members in the lab may be of any gender so if you require a female experimenter during your appointment please contact us beforehand so that we can arrange this.

Senior (age 60+) Experiments

We conduct both behavioural and EEG experiments with older adults (seniors age 60+) throughout the year. Please visit our senior participants page to learn more about current and past studies. If you are a younger adult and know of any seniors who would like to participate, please refer them to our graduate student Caitlin and she will help them to sign up for our new online system. We are very grateful for your help in recruiting participants.

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