Welcome to Fukuda Lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga!

Why is it sometimes hard to select information that we need among irrelevant information?… Or why is it sometimes hard not to select irrelevant information when we need to focus on relevant information?

Why is it sometimes hard to remember information that we need when we want to? … Or why is it sometimes hard not to remember information that we don’t want to?
 And importantly, how can we make us better at processing information?
Fukuda lab focuses on these fundamental questions about human information processing using both electrophysiological (i.e., brainwaves or EEGs) and psychophysical (e.g., behavioral measurements, statistical modeling) techniques.
If you are interested, we are currently recruiting prospective graduate students!
Please contact Keisuke Fukuda (Keisuke.fukuda@utoronto.ca) for more information !!