The Fukuda Lab

Welcome to the Fukuda Lab

The Fukuda Lab was established in 2016 when Dr. Keisuke Fukuda began professorship in the Perception, Cognition, and Language cluster of the Psychology Department at the University of Toronto in Mississauga.

Current Areas of Research

Visual Working Memory

The visual world around us is constantly changing. How does working memory retain and update its representations in response to dynamics in the environment?


Our ability to reliably assess our own cognitive performance is critical to everyday decision-making. However, these assessments are not always aligned with reality. Can metacognition be improved with training and feedback?

Visual Long-term Memory

Aspects of retrieval can facilitate memory accessibility, but can also make memory susceptible to false or misleading information. What mechanisms modulate these contrasting mnemonic outcomes?

The Fukuda Lab is located inside the Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (CCT) building at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Please visit us in CCT 4172! The nearest (paid) parking is lot P9, or underground in the CCT garage.