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Oct 03 2022: Welcome to Philipp, a visiting PhD Student from the Cognition Lab at the University of Zurich! Philipp will be conducting some fun studies and partying (!?) with Kei for a few months while in the lab!

Sept 08 2022: The lab is pleased to welcome Nursima as an incoming PhD student for this school year! We can’t wait to see what interesting knowledge you will bring to us all the way from Turkey!

May 25 2022: Congratulations to Frida and family on the birth of Viggo! We are so happy to have a new (and cute!) honourary lab member join us!

May 12th 2022: Summer semester officially started earlier this week. Thank you to Fukuda Lab students who have worked hard this year, whether that be through volunteering with research, completing a poster, or just hanging around at meetings 🙂 Also congratulations to graduates, you’ve worked so hard and now you’re done undergrad!!

January 8th 2022: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We made it through another tough year so give yourself a pat on the back, we know you worked hard. We would like to announce a couple of things: firstly, we want to give a warm welcome to Frida who is joining our lab as a postdoc!! Finally! We have been waiting for you for so long! Secondly, we would like to send a reminder to students that in-person learning for most courses has been suspended until January 31st.. after that we will see what happens. Regardless, have fun this semester!


December 14th 2021: Winter term is almost over! We wish everyone luck on their exams and happy & healthy holidays. If all proceeds well, we can’t wait to see you in person in the new semester!

October 18th 2021: Now that school is well underway (online), there are two interesting things we’d like to share with you! 1. Today is national chocolate cupcake day (in USA?) and 2. school seems to be transitioning back to person for Winter 2022 semester! We wonder how it’s going to go moving forward.

From the UTM Timetable

April 29th 2021: End of term is here! Congratulations to all undergrads who are graduating amid this pandemic. Also special shout out to our lab members who presented their work (poster & thesis) this year at the Annual Undergraduate Research day! Presenters worked hard and answered questions from persistent profs very smoothly (see below).

Kei stalking students at the poster presentations in today.
Pic courtesy of Greer.

To check out the posters from today, please head over to our poster section to learn about some current studies in the lab!


December 23rd 2020: Happy Holidays 🎄❄️⛄!!! Fall semester is a wrap! We know everyone worked hard this year and showed great resilience while adapting to the strange new times. Let’s all enjoy our extended holiday and treat ourselves to some much deserved recuperation and snacking.
Also, check out our ‘holiday party’ pics, and no- we did not drink in school… 🙂

December 8th 2020: The lab has survived almost a whole semester since the pandemic attacked our research! In the absence of our annual lab gathering, we managed to gather a few smiles instead. We hope everyone has a productive and successful exam session before the holidays!

July 31st 2020: Congratulations to Ben and Joe for each successfully defending their master’s thesis!! It’s a deserved accomplishment and definitely adds joy to these vexing times. Time to celebrate~

June 19th 2020: The Fukuda Lab participates in the Vision Sciences Society conference, live now! Check out our conference posters page for our current posters and stay tuned with Joe’s twitter account! We are always open to questions so please send us an email if there is something you’re curious about.

June 11th 2020: Matthew experiments with applying some models to his data on mind wandering from his metronome counting task in today’s journal club – complicated stuff!!

March 15th 2020: Our website is almost finished construction and ready for (re)launch! In other news, the university has suspended all classes starting 03/16/2020 until 04/03/2020 due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. Check here for current updates from the school!


August 31st 2019: Hard to believe that Fall is around the corner. Two new graduate students (Ben & Joe) joined our lab! Our former lab manager April is starting her Master’s program at Waterloo and Fatima will be our new lab manager!

October 22nd 2019: Our collaboration with Woodman lab at the Vanderbilt University has just been published in Memory & Cognition! If you are interested in our ability to voluntarily control what gets encoded into visual long-term memory, check it out!


January 25th 2018: We have recently launched an EEG study that tracks our ability to voluntarily control the quality of visual long-term memory encoding across the lifespan. Very Exciting!


May 5th 2017: Our new paper “Visual working memory buffers information retrieved from visual long-term memory.” is now published at PNAS!


October 24th 2016: Our recent publication that dissociated neural markers of visual working memory was highlighted at the Journal of Neurophysiology! Check out the article here.


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