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March 15th 2020: Our website is almost finished construction and ready for (re)launch! In other news, the university has suspended all classes starting 03/16/2020 until 04/03/2020 due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. Check here for current updates from the school!


August 31st 2019: Hard to believe that Fall is around the corner. Two new graduate students (Ben & Joe) joined our lab! Our former lab manager April is starting her Master’s program at Waterloo and Fatima will be our new lab manager!

October 22nd 2019: Our collaboration with Woodman lab at the Vanderbilt University has just been published in Memory & Cognition! If you are interested in our ability to voluntarily control what gets encoded into visual long-term memory, check it out!


January 25th 2018: We have recently launched an EEG study that tracks our ability to voluntarily control the quality of visual long-term memory encoding across the lifespan. Very Exciting!


May 5th 2017: Our new paper “Visual working memory buffers information retrieved from visual long-term memory.” is now published at PNAS!


October 24th 2016: Our recent publication that dissociated neural markers of visual working memory was highlighted at the Journal of Neurophysiology! Check out the article here.


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