Prospective Students

Prospective Graduate Students

The Fukuda Lab is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 psychology graduate program admission cycle. Please contact the principal investigator for more information.

The Fukuda Lab is located at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, part of the tri-campus psychology graduate program. Students applying to the program apply to the St. George campus, and upon acceptance change their campus to that of their supervisor if they are located at the Scarborough or Mississauga campus. Please check here for more information about the program.

To see the research and contact information of other faculty members in the Department of Psychology please check here.

Specific information about faculty and the department at Mississauga campus can be found here.

The Department of Psychology Mississauga Campus (UTM) Deerfield Hall, Room 4098 Phone: 905.828.3966 Fax: 905.569.4326

Prospective Research Assistants

We are always welcoming interested undergraduates or recent graduates who are passionate about memory, learning, and attention here at the Fukuda Lab. There are volunteer opportunities available for students who wish to become a project leader or help a current project leader run experiments.

In order to become a research assistant, we recommend beginning by attending lab meetings (see calendar below). Lab meetings are held bi-weekly, online via Zoom, and everyone is welcome to attend! This year (2021-2022) we are pleased to host our lab meetings in conjunction with the APPLY lab of Dr. Wolfe & Dr. Kosovicheva. In lab meetings we usually have a presentation by a student in the lab on their current research or a relevant research article. We sometimes have guest speakers from visiting universities as well!

For more information about lab meetings and how to get involved in the lab, please email our lab manager and they can help you out.

Department Research Opportunities

The psychology department at UTM offers courses for students to gain credit towards their degree while helping to conduct research in a lab. Courses require enrollment at certain times of the year along with an application that is approved by a principal investigator. Dr. Fukuda is willing to discuss research opportunities with students who are currently participating in the lab as research assistants.

Information about the Research Opportunity Program (ROP) and the Independent Research Projects (IRP) can be found below. Please note that these are unpaid positions. The paid opportunities in this lab are work studies which are usually assigned during the summer semester. Please contact Dr. Fukuda if you are interested in a work study.

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