Welcome! We are a humble team of researchers passionate about vision science, the brain, and team barbeques in the park. Learn more below about who we are now and who we used to be.

Principal Investigator

Keisuke Fukuda

Kei’s research focuses on our ability to select goal-related information from a plethora of irrelevant information (selective attention), represent and manipulate the selected information (working memory), and store and retrieve the information later in time (long-term memory). He approaches his research questions utilizing electrophysiological recordings (e.g., scalp EEG, ERP, single-unit recordings, and local-field potentials) and an individual differences approach. He is also interested in assisting and improving human cognition by translating the findings and techniques in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
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PhD (Psychology) University of Oregon
MS (Psychology) University of Oregon

(Psychology, minor in Mathematics) University of Oregon

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Graduate Students & Postdocs

Caitlin Tozios

Caitlin is (still) undertaking her PhD in the Fukuda Lab. She is interested finding out what drives the Multiple Encoding Benefit (MEB) – the finding that memory performance improves with multiple opportunities to encode and retrieve information. She also enjoys dabbling with metacognitive accuracy and attempting to understand why our subjective evaluations of memory quality may not always match our objective memory strength. Caitlin tests the ecological validity of findings in psychology daily – such as the benefits of consolidation following (multiple) naps, or the social connectedness and support afforded by her cat Beaty (e.g., McConnell, Lloyd, & Buchanan, 2017).
Caitlin’s Corner

MSc (Psychology) Wilfrid Laurier University, 2017
BSc (Psychology & Neuroscience) University of Toronto, 2014

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Joseph Saito

Joey is a PhD student who is interested in voluntary memory control and the interactions between working memory and long-term memory. His work in the lab incorporates psychophysical and electrophysiological methods to investigate how individuals maintain a myriad of memories that are distinct, yet considerably interrelated and overlapping. When he’s not doing science, he enjoys going to the gym, watching sports, and trying new food spots in the city. 

MA (Psychology) University of Toronto, 2020
BA (Psychology) University of San Francisco, 2016

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Greer Gillies

Greer is a PhD student co-supervised by Jonathan Cant from UTSC and is interested in perception and visual working memory. Her current projects involve ensemble coding and stimulus memorability. When not sobbing over an excel spreadsheet, Greer is either painting or asleep. 

MA (Psychology) University of Toronto, 2021
BSc (Psychology) University of Guelph, 2018

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Frida Printzlau

Frida is a postdoc in the Fukuda Lab and the Mack Lab at UofT. She is interested in flexible cognition and goal-directed behaviour: how are our mental representations modulated by goals and context? She uses a combination of behavioural methods, neuroimaging, and eye-tracking to study working memory, attention, and how they interact with long-term memory. She loves sciences but also loves taking breaks from science by knitting, watching movies, and going for long walks. 

PhD (Experimental Psychology) University of Oxford, 2021
BA (Psychology & Philosophy) University of Oxford, 2014

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Nursima Ünver

Nursima is a PhD student in the MPUTC Joint PhD program and is co-supervised by Rosanne Rademaker. She studies attention, long-term memory, and working memory, focusing on their interactions while guiding human behavior. Besides her enthusiasm for research, she is a foodie who loves to explore and cook different cuisines.

MSc (Psychology) Sabancı University, 2022
BSc (Psychology) Middle East Technical University, 2020

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Hana Yabuki

Hana is a PhD student co-supervised by Susanne Ferber (UTSG) and Keisuke Fukuda (UTM). Her research interests lie in metacognition, perception, and working memory. Outside of academia, she dances, cooks, and updates her telegram channel with pictures of cats.

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) Australian National University, 2019

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Lab Manager

Yvanna Yeo

Yvanna is interested in the malleability of memory and memory biases resulting from the exposure to different types of interference. Outside of the lab she enjoys watching true crime, playing with her foster cats and going to the gym.

BSc (Psychology and Biology for Health Sciences) University of Toronto, 2020

For inquiries about the lab (e.g., getting involved with research, attending lab meetings, etc.) please contact Yvanna for more information.

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Research Assistants

Project Leaders

Project leaders are responsible for data collection, analyses, and the presentation of their current experiments in the lab (among other things!)

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Research Assistants

Below are Fukuda Lab Research Assistants (RAs) with the projects they are involved in. These projects are being run by the project leaders or graduate students in the lab.

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Graduating years of Fukuda Lab alumni and what they pursued next!

Olga Kozlova – PhD (Psychology), Rice University
Isha Khalid – MI (Master of Information), University of Toronto
Dyllan Simpson – PhD (Psychology), University of California San Diego
Hoejae Kim – MD (Doctor of Medicine); pursing
Meyha Chhatwal – Researcher, Language, Attention, Music, & Audition (LAMA) Lab; Lab Manager, Health, Emotions, & Altruism Lab (HEAL)

Amit Dalaya – MMPA (Master of Management & Professional Accounting), University of Toronto; Co-op, Ernst & Young
Joie Kim – Forensics Identification, Humber College; Student Border Services Officer, Canada Border Services Agency
Linh Pham – Mental Health Worker, Hong Fook Mental Health Association

Ben Park – Software Engineer, AMD
Matthew Kolisnyk – MSc (Psychology), Western University
Sabah Rasheed – MSc (Management: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management), Wilfrid Laurier University
Lisa Crocco – MSc (Psychology), Queens University
Jerrick Teoh – Wealth Planning Manager, DBS Bank Singapore
Zoryana Babiy – MSc (Neuroscience), McMaster University
Jaskiran Garcha – MSc (Biology), University of Toronto

Amanda Leonetti – MSc (Biology), University of Toronto

Rosa Torres – MA (Psychology), Brock University
Fatima Wasif – PhD (Clinical Psychology), University of Waterloo
April Pereira – MA (Cognitive Psychology), University of Waterloo
Sabina Iqbal – BSN (Nursing) University of New Brunswick
Shawall Pall – PhD (Clinical Psychology), Fairleigh Dickinson University
Asma Fadhl – BASc (Occupational Health & Safety), Ryerson University
Hirotaka Sone – MA (Psychology), Toyama University

Erica Chen – MSc (Health: Science, Technology & Policy), Carleton University
Anjali Pandey – MSc (Experimental Psychology), Dalhousie University

Special Recognition

Thank you to the individuals who contributed to the advancement of memory and cognition research in the Fukuda Lab!

Jason Woo

Sophia Winter

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