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Coronavirus & FOMO

Coronavirus. COIVD-19. It’s consumed our lives, whether we accept it or deny it. Maybe you don’t even want to read this post because you’re sick of hearing about it! In fact, my parents have introduced a ‘no ‘C word’ day’ (not that C word) once a week where they don’t mention anything about the coronavirusContinue reading “Coronavirus & FOMO”


Today on Caitlin’s Corner we visit a local Korean shabu shabu restaurant. What is shabu shabu? It’s hot pot! Shabu shabu is the Japanese term for thinly sliced meat and vegetables served in a boiling pot of broth at your table (and the word is an onomatopoeia, ‘shabu-shabu~’ like the bubbling pot!). Today’s restaurant isContinue reading “Restaurant👏Review👏”


Hello there, and welcome to Caitlin’s Corner! I’m Caitlin, one of the graduate students in the Fukuda Lab, and I hope to use this portion of the Fukuda Lab website as a casual blog. Here, I can share with you what goes on in the lab at a more local level, from the perspective ofContinue reading “Welcome!”

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