Principal Investigator

Keisuke Fukuda, Ph.D. (keisuke.fukuda[at]


Graduate student

Caitlin Tozios (caitlin.tozios[at]

“Hi there, I’m Caitlin, the new graduate student in the Fukuda Lab! I completed my BSc here at the University of Toronto, majoring in psychology and neuroscience, and I just finished my MSc at Wilfrid Laurier University. My thesis, An Examination of Imagined Contexts: The Unreliability of Context-Dependent Memory Effects in Recall was supervised by Dr. W. Hockley, and we studied whether the effects of worse memory recall for words after changing physical contexts could be mitigated by reinstating imagined contexts at retrieval.

So now I’m back at UofT! And pursuing my PhD under the wise guidance of Dr. Fukuda, where I hope to further investigate meta memory and visual working memory control. In an ideal world, if we could only remember relevant and pleasant information while forgetting the negative and intrusive, or be able to know if we may forget something ahead of time and prevent this, our job in research would be complete. By studying when we succeed and when memory fails or is inappropriate, we may be able to use this information to help not only the average population but older adults or individuals with memory disorders. Thus, I am also interested in extending this research stream into studies with aging populations in order to help enhance the lives of those who experience memory challenges.

Outside of school I love to take naps in the sunshine with my son (cat) Beaty and try new trending foods on Instagram in Toronto. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice bowl of noodles, or a fresh bun, or a bunch of tasty things piled on top of fresh rice, or other carbs.. Anyway, you can find me in the lab at UTM, in class at the St. George campus, or in IKEA. Ciao~”



Lab manager

April Pereira



Undergraduate Project leaders

Asma Fadhl
Fatima Wasif

“I’m Fatima, a third-year student, double majoring in Psychology and Biology for Health Science. I’m particularly interested in using electrophysiological methods like EEGs to record brain activity during cognitive tasks to understand how electrical action correlates to and changes as intellectual decisions are made. In accordance with this, I currently run the EEG COUNTERMANDING task at the Fukuda Lab, which uses EEG to investigate stop reflex in individuals. For fun, I like eating copious amounts of black salt seasoned oranges,  listening to Throwback Thursday playlists, and bankrupting myself buying pot plants.”


Shawal Pall
Saphia Shariff


Heidi Cheng


Rabbia Noman

“Hey there, I’m Rabbia, a project leader at the Fukuda Lab. I have been interested in the mechanism that makes each of us unique, which is the mind, since a very early point in my life which is why I decided to pursue neuroscience. With the help of biology, I want to explore topics in psychology and its implications in our daily lives. When I am not reading about advancements in neuroscience, I am often reading about quantum mechanics, working on my goal to eat all the chocolate in the world, or out participating in some ridiculous sports event.”


Sabina Iqbal


Undergraduate volunteers

Kyana Profile Picture
Kyana Chhouk-Fletcher


Richard Lee

Coming soon…


Kyshona Edwards

David Boshra


Hirotaka Sone

Erica Chen

Anjali Pandy

Hifsa Zahid